CLOUD 9 DAY SPA - A Modern Day Spa to relax and rejuvinate
Packages for those special people in your life or even just to spoil yourself.
Relax as the therapist cleanses the skin and tones. Then you will receive an eye brow makeover including eyebrow shape, eyebrow tint and eyelash tint whilst the eyelash tint is on relax as you get a heavenly head massage and finish off with a light lymphatic drainage face massage.
Treatment Time: Approx 45mins                         Price: $60

Start with a hand soak then relax as you get a hand and lower arm scrub followed by a hand massage and paraffin wax treatment. Then move onto the massage Pedicure chair and soak your feet in foot jets and peppermint soak then receive a lower leg and foot massage and paraffin wax treatment.
Treatment Time: Approx 1hr 15mins                   Price: $90

Are you ready to party? This package is ideal for the party girl, including a finger and toe polish, a mini facial and finishing off with the final touches of a minerals makeover.
Treatment Time: Approx 1 ½ Hours           Price: $120

Lay back and relax on our specialized Vichy shower, choose the program you like, close your eyes and relax as our therapist performs a facial and scalp massage on you. The treatment is completed with a back neck and shoulder massage.
Treatment Time: Approx 1 Hour                Price: $130
Start feeling like your floating on air with an Indian head massage followed by the holistic therapy of reflexology on your little tootsies.
Treatment Time: Approx 2 Hours              Price: $140
Try our Vichy shower, followed by a Swedish massage and let your mind float away as your scalp is massaged.
Treatment Time: Approx 1 ½ Hours           Price: $150
Start off with a relaxing full body massage including hot towel treatment, then move into the Vichy spa bath and relax in a detoxing bath. Whilst in the bath indulge with an apple/orange juice and a choice of fruit salad or nuts.
Treatment Time: Approx 1.5 Hours         Price: $160
Treat yourself or a loved one to a full body massage, luxurious facial and a heavenly head massage leaving you feeling totally relaxed.
Treatment Time: Approx 2 Hours                Price: $165
First of all we start off with a full body scrub, leaving your skin feeling especially soft and even softer when you have the mud wrap applied to your skin, rinse off in our Vichy shower then finishing off with a relaxing full body massage.
Treatment Time: Approx 2 Hours               Price: $230
This package is for that special person in your life. This treatment begins with an escape Vichy shower program. Whilst in the shower a facial is performed. Followed by a full body massage, mini manicure and pedicure. The treatment is guaranteed to make you feel wonderfully relaxed, pure luxury.
Treatment Time: Approx 3 Hours                Price: $235
Couples packages

 You and your partner to enjoy a full body Swedish massage together in our double room.
 Treatment Time: Approx 1 Hour                     Price: $150
  Share an infra red sauna together before receiving a very relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage.
 Treatment Time: Approx 1 ½ Hours                Price: $170
 Sit back and relax in our infra red sauna together then be pampered with a ASAP Skincare facial finishing off with a full body massage in our double room.
Treatment Time: Approx 2 ½ Hours                 Price: $380
Party Packages

Let us throw you a birthday party for ages 5-14. Lunch includes pizza with soft drink. Pampering together with a manicure and pedicure and a mineral light makeover.
Treatment times will depend on the size of the party.
$70.00 per person.
Bring a birthday cake and have fun :)
Enjoy a delightful day with your friends as you relax have your troubles float away. B.Y.O platter of food and drinks.
Prices vary on treatments selected
Treatment times will depend on the size of the party.
Or come in and choose your own treatments and make your own party up :)
School Ball Packages

Why not treat yourself on this special occasion.
Packages Available :

1. Spray Tan, Mini Pedicure & Make-over. $120
2. Spray Tan, Prescription Nails & Make-over $135
3. Mini Manicure, Pedicure & Spray Tan $105
4. Prescription Nails, Make- over $95
5. File & paint fingers & toes, Spray Tan & Make-over $110

Why not mix & match to your own desire!
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